About us:
As part of health sector reforms in the province the KMU has been established at the PSPU. The KMU will help bridge the many barriers that health care staff and managers face to accessing information. Our activities include development of a knowledge portal where all health related reports are accessible to government officials, managers, private institutions, and academicians.

What we do?
Evidence based information is necessary to ensure high quality health services and positive outcomes for the people.  Key functions of KMU is to:

  1. Provide analytical briefs and evidence for decision making on vital health issues.
  2. Analyse information generated from DHIS and the performance monitoring system and provide feedback to DOH and districts.
  3. Produce quarterly newsletters that update the Health Department on all key events of each quarter.

Where we work?

The knowledge management unit is placed in the Policy and Strategic Planning Unit, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, 1-Birdwood Road, Lahore, Pakistan.